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Visual Disorder

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The GazettE Fanart Community
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Welcome to visual_disorder, a Livejournal fanart community dedicated to the Japanese rock band, The GazettE. Created solely for the purpose of gathering fanart from fans around the world who want to come together to showcase their art of these five beautiful young men. ♥

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  • This is not a graphics community. There are 8 million communities dedicated to that sort of thing so as wonderful as they may be, please only post fanart.
  • Membership is open however: all art must be placed in a friends locked entry.
  • All artwork must be placed under an LJ cut. Teaser pic is currently optional but recommended.
  • BL/yaoi is fine but please no straight up porn or anything. Try to keep it to a tasteful level. These entries must also be friend's locked.
  • When posting your art, please just write a small description of it. Nothing fancy; maybe just something like who's in it and any other details you want.
  • All art here is understood to be yours when you post it. If we find out you're posting other people's art we'll immediately remove you from the community.
  • Please, please, please comment. The nicest thing is for an artist to hear that his/her work is appreciated so even if it's just a couple words, let them know you like it.
  • A lot of people may also have a deviantART gallery but for the sake of the keeping the community self contained please no outside linking. Use an image hosting service like Photobucket or Imageshack and post your images in the entry. And please no fake cuts to your journal.
  • Tags! When you post your art, just tage the entry with what member(s) you are posting and the pairing, if any. If there's "mature" art you can also tag it with mature, too.

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shiroi_nami → shiroi_nami87@hotmail.com
kokamo → rcahern@hotmail.com

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